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Our timetable enables our young people to spend time together at school and to take advantage of the many extracurricular activities and accompanying activities.

Offre scolaire

The Lycée Aline Mayrisch is a “lycée classique”. However, from 7e to 5e, our high school also offers general education classes and the preparation track (modulaire). After 5e, only classique is offered.


Two introductory days in the 7th grade class allow the students and the headteachers to get to know each other and to establish a relationship of trust. Throughout this first year, the class is supervised by two headteachers and students from the mediation group. One tutoring lesson per week, integrated into the schedule, facilitates the transition from primary school to high school.


In secondary education, the offer encompasses the entire course of the high school experience. Starting in 4e, students can choose to take Latin.

Specialization takes place after the 4e: students decide on a section and options. The Lycée Aline Mayrisch offers the following sections:

  • A+ Languages and literature + mathematics
  • B Math and IT
  • C Biology and mathematics
  • D Economics and mathematics
  • E Art
  • G Humanities and social sciences

Theme classes:

In grades 7e through 4e, there is a music and dance class and a multi-sport class, where teachers and students share the same passion. The schedule and curriculum are identical to the parallel classes, but interdisciplinary projects and specific activities around their common interest reinforce their motivation, learning and group work abilities.

Music and Dance classes – The stage is yours

Students have a musical education course from 7e to 4e. Participation in one of the school’s ensembles (Harmonie, Choraline, Big Band, Cordissimo, Los de Abajo, Percussion) or the dance group Aline Swings, allows students to perform at various school events. Highlight of the year: the Music in Motion show.



Multi-sport classes – Sport as a learning tool

To start the course, the students have 4 physical education lessons in 7e. Team spirit, a taste for effort and endurance are the developed skills. A healthy lifestyle and versatile sports activities are the basis of the approach. The athletes regularly participate in a LASEL activity or competition on Thursday afternoons.


The classes stay together from 7e to 5e and are supervised by two headteachers. The teaching team is the same for all three years. This approach has proven to be very effective in guiding and advising students. Optional classes and workshops give students the opportunity to discover their talents and guide them in their orientation. After 5e, students must choose a more specialized training path and change high schools.


For each level, the Lycée Aline Mayrisch offers three general classes.


German, French and mathematics are taught in differentiated modules. This allows students to progress at their own pace. The Lycée Aline Mayrisch offers a class for each level.


This class is designed for students in the preparatory track who are gifted and for students in the general classes who are failing. Aline Mayrisch High School offers only one 5AD class.



Well-being is fundamental to EFFECTIVE learning. The Lycée Aline Mayrisch is a place where students can grow in confidence, develop their personalities and acquire skills for the future. In case of difficulties, whether academic or personal, support structures have been put in place to assist and support students and their parents.

Academic support

  • Each student can enroll in tutoring classes in the various subjects as needed. The courses are organized outside of school hours, except in 7th grade, where they are integrated into the timetable (German and French).
  • Systematic training in learning methods allows students in grades 7e to 5e to learn how to study and organize themselves. The group of teachers in charge of this training offers a weekly methodological permanence. In addition, methodological workshops are offered regularly for students in all classes, including the upper grades.
  • The psychology/social team offers individual homework assistance to students who have great difficulty in organizing themselves or in studying.
  • The project “Schüler hëllefe Schüler” is a free individual support by a student from the upper classes.
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The Language Lab

Intensive personalized support in German or French allows young people who have spent part of their schooling abroad to integrate into the multilingual school system of Luxembourg. This offer is intended for students who do not have the profile required for one of the country’s international high schools.


Supervised studies

After school, each student can work independently in the school library. Parents of students in grades 7e to 5e can enroll their children for the various days and time slots. Attendance is mandatory and monitored.

ORIENTATION – Important choices to make

Latin after the 7th grade? Which educational path should I choose after a general 7th grade? Which section should I enroll in after the 4th grade? What type of higher education should I pursue after the 1st year of high school? Lycée Aline Mayrisch helps students and their parents find answers to these questions through a variety of measures.

Individual support

Upon request, the parent coach further supports parents who are struggling with their teenage kids.

Well-being and peaceful relationships within the classroom are key to personal growth and academic success.

The SePAS (Service de soutien psycho-social et d’accompagnement scolaire) aims to support all students in their personal development and their school career. The team supports students who have questions or concerns on a personal, familial, behavioral or academic level. Follow-up is done on a regular or ad hoc basis. SePAS’  door is open to young people and their parents. Discretion is guaranteed.

The ESEB (Équipe de soutien des élèves à besoins éducatifs particuliers ou spécifiques) supports the inclusion of students with special needs. The goal is to keep these students motivated and eager to learn.

Academic mediation – Learning to live in serene relationships

Ensuring a good classroom climate, preventing bullying and providing young people with a framework for resolving their conflicts in a non-violent manner: the scope of the mediation group is vast! In this context, the older students intervene in the 7e grade classes. The school mediator facilitates the resolution of conflicts between teenagers or within a class, along with the other services of the school.