Investing in our students’ talents

A wide range of activities and events enable young students to discover new passions and contribute to their personal enrichment.

Extracurricular activities

Students of all classes can sign up for over 50 extracurricular activities. These activities are offered outside school hours and are supervised by teachers. Participation is voluntary. The range of activities on offer is extremely varied.

Get involved!

Students can also take part in one-off activities or competitions organized with external partners and supervised by Lycée Aline Mayrisch teachers: Mérite Jeunesse, Olympiade Mathématiques, Olympiade Scientifique, Auschwitz commemorative trip, Literatour-literature week, Jonk Entrepreneuren, Science Days, Alin&Art art workshops, and many more.

The fieldtrips

All 6e and 2e classes go on an educational trip.

Green class for 6e

Every 6e class goes off for a few days, either on a snow camp or on a “classe verte” (to Holzgau or Ardèche). This project focuses on sports activities in the great outdoors, and on living together. The trip fosters independence, group cohesion and self-discovery in the midst of adolescence.

Self-managed trip for 2e classes

Students organize their own trip abroad. The class invests in this joint project and contributes to the financing through activities. The trip takes place during the project week in the company of their teachers.

Project week

Project Week is held once a year for all classes except 1ère classes. Interdisciplinarity, autonomy, responsibility and the acquisition of cross-disciplinary skills are at the heart of the projects carried out during this week.

Cake day

Solidarity also means raising funds for students whose parents struggle to finance certain activities on their own. No one should be left out! Various initiatives feed this Solidarity Fund. The flagship initiative is Cake Day: every two weeks, classes take it in turns to sell homemade cakes. It’s the icing on the cake of our project!

The big events

Music in Motion

In May, every student has the opportunity to showcase their talents on the Conservatoire’s main stage: it’s Music in Motion, the school’s big annual show. The school’s music and dance classes and musical ensembles bring the house down with their talent and enthusiasm.


Every two years, the Thealine theater group puts on an ambitious show designed in collaboration with the students and professionals. The performance takes place in a local theater. It’s hard for the audience to recognize their own children or students as they blossom into their roles.

Solidarity Day

Every year, the Lycée Aline Mayrisch organizes a big solidarity party before Christmas break: every class proposes an activity to raise funds for the preferential project elected by the whole school community. On the big day, the school’s courtyard is packed with visitors who come to sample the dishes and treats prepared by the students, or to buy the items made and sold by the various classes. Students from dance and music groups take to the stage to add to the festive atmosphere.

Solidarity project

Every three years, the whole school community votes for a solidarity project that supports sustainable development in other regions. Selection criteria include: The project must help young people, and there must be communication and exchange between our students and local teens. During the project, ideas and goals are raised at all classes and the whole school raises money to support it financially, especially at the annual Solidarity Day. The current project is in partnership with the ONG Guiden a Scouten fir eng Welt. LAML is helping to finance the construction of a training centre in Senegal where young people from the region get further education, especially in the field of sustainable development.