School timetable

Our timetable enables our young people to spend time together at school and to take advantage of the many extracurricular activities and accompanying activities.


At the Lycée Aline Mayrisch, each student has an iPad from the national one2one project: a contract is signed between the parents and the CGIE (center de gestion informatique de l’éducation). The iTeam, the school’s internal IT team, takes care of the internal management of the iPads. In case of questions or concerns, the iTeam is on stand-by duty to students and their parents during school hours.

The iPad is a working tool. Responsible use of the tablet is part of the learning process for the students.

Rules and Customs

The Charter

The Lycée Aline Mayrisch School Charter is based on four fundamental concepts: respect, solidarity, communication and commitment. Emphasis is placed on the autonomy and responsibility of each member of the school community.

The codex

The Codex is an internal document of the school which contains the different rules concerning internal order and discipline.


How do we want to function as a class? What are the rules we set in place so that everyone feels good and can work optimally in the classroom? These thoughts are the basis of the Code of Life. Each 7th grade class and many lower grades negotiate these rules at the beginning of the year. By signing them, each student agrees to respect them.

Smart device rules

With the exception of the iPad, the use of which is in the teachers’ control, smart devices such as smartphones, smartwatches or other electronic objects that allow for Internet connection are not permitted during class. Students in the lower grades must put their cell phones in airplane mode and store them in the pockets provided in each classroom.


Students can have lunch at the Forum restaurant, the round building next to the high school, or at the LAML cafeteria. Students pay with their student card, which parents can charge money onto via the Internet. The canteen offers a wide variety of hot and cold meals. The high school cafeteria offers a variety of snacks, a salad bar and a choice of two hot dishes, one of which is always vegetarian.

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