The management team consists of our headmistress, Carole Chaine, and our deputy headmaster, Claude Faber. They are surrounded by a group of management assistants and a communications manager who support them in their many missions.

Chaine Carole


Faber Claude

Assistant principal

Serres Chantal

Member of the school management

Dostert Mike

Member of the school management

Schumacher Paul

Member of the school management

Wagener Martine

Member of the school management

Reicherzer Judith


Other players

Nearly 180 teachers, covering over twenty different departments, make up the Lycée Aline Mayrisch teaching staff.

The psycho-social team is composed of several services: the SePAS (school psycho-social and support service) of which the parent advisor and student coach is also a part and the ESEB (support team for students with special needs).

About thirty people are spread over several departments: from the secretariat to the school library, from the concierge to the iTeam.. all of them make the school function day-to-day at various levels.

The Student Committee represents the students to the management and plays an important role in the school community. It participates in the Education Council and in discussions on current school issues. But it also organizes various events for the students.


The Lycée Aline Mayrisch is committed to having effective dialogue between parents and the school. Parents are represented at two different levels:

The Parents’ Committee (CPE) represents parents and their children to the school management and to the Education Council. This committee is identical to the board of directors of the Parents’ Association (APELAM) which takes all sorts of initiatives: organization of conferences, participation in events at the school, support for innovative projects… They are in regular contact with the school management.

At the level of each class, the parents also vote two representatives to facilitate internal communication, the parent delegates. All parent delegates meet once a year with the administrative team to discuss current issues.


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The School Conference Committee represents the faculty, technical and administrative staff to the principal and the Board of Education.


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