Yes, LAML has decided to implement a hybrid approach. Each student has an iPad, but also books, notebooks, and folders. The iPad is used wherever it provides added value: research to be carried out, presentations to be prepared, documents to be drawn up collaboratively by several people, self-corrected online exercises, etc.

No. During lessons, pupils in classes 7e to 4e must put their smartphones on airplane mode and store them in the pockets provided in each classroom. Students may use their smartphones during morning break and lunchtime.

Yes: the Lycée Aline Mayrisch offers more than 50 different extracurricular activities that every student can take part in.

The school bus stop is in front of the swimming pool, a 1 minute walk away from the lycée. Only a few buses stop a little further away, near the Athénée. Several public bus routes serve the Hollerich, Kierfecht stop, opposite the lycée.

The Forum restaurant offers hot and cold buffets. Students can choose from a dish of the day, WOK specialities, pizzas, pastas, grilled meat or fish, vegetarian dishes, fresh salads and a variety of desserts. What’s more, the place is spacious and welcoming. Students can also eat in the school cafeteria.

The bac results are above the national average. Our former students also tell us that the cross-curricular skills, in particular independent research and oral presentations, help them on their way to university.

LAML seeks to support each student as much as possible in what he or she does best and in their autonomy. This philosophy is deeply rooted in the school’s Educational Project.

Students can ask their teacher for help at any time. In addition, there are support classes and a supervised study area where students can do their homework. One-to-one support with a pupil from a higher class is also possible.

Teachers, parents and students generally find the atmosphere at the lycée to be good. We often talk about the Aline Mayrisch family. As in any family, there are ups and downs, there are disagreements and discussions, but fundamentally, we are a close-knit community and the students feel supported by their teachers.

Parents have access to information about their child via the WebUntis electronic class book (attendance, homework, absences, etc.). In addition, each teacher can be contacted by email. Conversely, the lycée will contact parents if any difficulties arise.