With the creation of Lycée Aline Mayrisch, the goals and values of UNESCO have been deeply anchored in our school profile as well as in everyday school life.

In 2012, our Lycée became an official member of the national network of UNESCO schools in Luxembourg. As such, the LAML is committed to educate pupils to become, open-minded politically engaged and empowered individuals with skills and willingness to take action, and are committed to sustainable and social solutions, both globally and locally.

Our key educational goals are also part of the five educational approaches of UNESCO project schools. Our main focus being on democracy and human rights education, education for sustainable development and media education, e.g. :

  • Strengthening democracy in- and outside our school through workshops with class representatives, an annual student parliament, a European group with around 100 active participants and the organisation of national and international MEP events. Honouring pupils with the Prix Aline Mayrisch for political and social engagement.
  • Education and awareness raising towards solidarity through school-wide solidarity events, workshops with classes and their ” délégués à la solidarité “, democratic election of the “Projet Préférentiel” and Cake Day every other week as part of the “fonds de solidarité”.
  • Commitment to the “Sustainable Entrepreneurial School” label and numerous related projects and activities inside our  Lycée.
  • Specialised media education groups, Digital LAML project, promotion of numerous media activities in- and outside our school.

Contact person: Judith Reicherzer