Registration procedure for 7e

Registration will take place until end of June and only with documents provided by the primary school.

The following registration documents are required:

  • a copy of the academic Orientation decision,
  • Completed registration form (available from the Primary School Teacher),
  • a copy of the report from the end of the 4th cycle,
  • a residence certificate issued in the name of the student,
  • a copy of the Transversal skills, the pupil in his learning and the pupil in his class,
  • a recent photo of the pupil.

Parents will receive a reply by post before the 15th July.

There is no preliminary interview except in certain cases for the preparatory regime, when parents will be informed before the 15th July.

For any further questions, you can contact the SePAS (Service of Psychology and academic orientation) at the following number: 2604-3902 or by mail to

Registration procedure for 6e to 1e classes in classic secondary education and 6e and 5e classes in secondary technical education

You can make an application for registration after the Easter break, joining the report from the first semester. Admission will be based on the student’s profile and available places in the relevant classes.

Download the registration application.