Terms of admission for international students

Since September 2015, the Lycée Aline Mayrisch has been offering young people aged twelve to sixteen who completed their primary school and/or part of their secondary school education abroad a step-by-step integration into the traditional Luxembourgish school system.

The focus of the project is on intensive personal tutoring, which should enable the students to improve their proficiency in German or French respectively. Since the subjects in lower school (i.e. first to fourth form) are mainly taught in German, the offer for these year groups is designed especially for pupils who have difficulty with French. In upper school, students with deficiencies in German are supported since most classes are taught in French from fourth form (i.e. 4ème) onwards.

The aim of the project is to allow young people to make a transition to the traditional Luxembourgish school system after two years and thus to become multilingual.

Step one: Intensive integration

During this stage (1st term), the students are taught the language which they still have insufficient skills in for at least two hours a day. The lessons are either in groups (that is with other students from this project) or individual with a language teacher.

During the remaining time, they attend regular classes, provided that their academic skills enable them to. They do not write tests, however. The focus is on core subjects such as mathematics and additional languages.

Depending on their progress, the students are also integrated into regular classes in other subjects throughout the 2nd term. They can also be given the opportunity to occasionally attend lessons in the language they struggle with. Nevertheless, the individual lessons continue to take place. From this moment onwards, the students are also assessed in other subjects.

The individual lessons put emphasis on different skills such as free writing, listening, reading and speaking. The ‘‘labo-langues’’, a website created by teachers at the Lycée Aline Mayrisch, gives the students the opportunity to work autonomously in addition to the individual lessons.

Definite admission to the Luxembourgish school system

During the integration stage, the students are regularly assessed in the language they are in the process of acquiring and are given written feedback, based on the criteria of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The decision regarding the definite admission to the regular classes is taken by the teachers of the respective classes and is certified with a report.

Once the students have successfully completed the integration stage, they are definitely admitted to the Luxembourgish school system. In case they have failed, they can still attend a class with lower standards.

Terms of admission

A student’s admission depends on the quality of the portfolio they are required to hand in as well as on the number of places available. Candidates can register from May to July.

The portfolio must include the following:

  • the student’s academic career: the reports from the two previous school years
  • a letter of recommendation, which states why the student wants to integrate the Luxembourgish school system
  • the results of the CASNA (Cellule d’accueil scolaire pour élèves nouveaux arrivants) tests.

The application must be addressed with the note ‘‘International student’’ to the headmistress of the school.