7th grade – German and French

7th grade tuition classes in German and in French are organised in modules in which the focus lies on specific subject areas like verbs or syntax. These subject areas change every six weeks.

Classes take place twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday from 1.10 pm to 2.10 pm (students can take the LMRL’s school buses). The German or French teachers propose the students with the most difficulties in one of the two languages for the different modules.

Enrolment is done by the persons in charge of the modular support after the parents have given their agreement. Attendance at the support classes is compulsory. In case of absence, they must hand in an absent note (excuse) to their class teacher (régent).

1st semester:
Module 1: Monday 8th November to Friday 17th December 2021
Module 2: Monday, 3rd January to Friday, 4th February 2022

2nd semester:
Module 3: Monday, 21st February to Friday, 1st April 2022
Module 4: Monday, 19th April to Friday, 20th May 2022
Module 5: Monday, 30th May to Friday, 1st July 2022

Schedule (all offers for all classes)

German: Patricia Roulling 
French: Liss Bentner

6th to 1st grade (all subjects) and 7th grade (Mathematics)

These are courses held weekly in small groups for all students who have difficulty in a subject and want to be accompanied by a teacher to improve themselves. Registration is to be done online by the parents. After the students are registered, attendance at the course is mandatory. In case of absence, they must hand in an absent note (excuse) to their class teacher (régent).

Online registration is three times per semester.

Beginning of the 1st semester classes: Monday, 28th September 2020 to Friday 29th January 2021
Registration: 17th September to 2nd October 2020 (1st registration period)
Registration: 26th October 20 to 6th November 2020 (2nd registration period)
Registration:14th December 2020 to 1st January 2021 (3rd registration period)

Beginning of the 2nd semester classes: Monday, 22th February 2021 to Friday 2nd July  2021
Registration: 8th to 19th February 2021 (1st registration period)
Registration: 22th March to 16th April 2021 (2nd registration period)
Registration: 17th to 28th May 2021 (3rd registration period)

Claude Faber

For students from 4th grade onwards wishing for one-off assistance in Physics or Chemistry, a weekly drop-in office hour is organized. Students wishing to take advantage of this offer are requested to register on the notice board in the respective departments.

Schedule (all offers for all classes)